Payslip and journal

hello teams
i am using manager but i have little confusing.
main question— what is the difference of journal and payslip when dealing with employee in manager??
can i use journal to enter as payslip? because even journal in manager it works as payment system.
i have payslips entered in my system and i have already done payment to my workes in manager, and then i wanted to enter journal to balance all payment.
second question – can i have payslip which is already have payment in one month eg. january and at the same time can i have journal for employee for january

No. A journal entry will always be a journal entry and bypasses the built-in payroll features.

No, it does not. You cannot enter any transaction that involves movement of money into or out of the business with a journal entry. Payslips only create the obligation to pay the employee or outside entities. Payment itself must be done in the Receipts & Payments tab.

I do not understand. Payments to employees should be posted to Employee clearing account. Journal entries are not involved. What are you trying to balance?

Payslips and payments are separate transactions. Journal entries are not involved.

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