How to post the Journal of Salary paid return from Employees


I am wondering, how to make a journal for Salary paid and returned by Employees.

Payroll processing is explained in the four guides
Enter employees
Pay employees
Set up payslip items
Issue payslip

Full reporting is provided in the Reports tab

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I’m using the feature created in the, the only thing is when I make payment to the particular employee, and after that, I notice we overpaid the employee, and the employee has resigned, so I request employee to transfer back the overpaid payment.

Salary paid to Employee = RM1000.00
Overpaid and request employee to return = RM200.00 (how do i do adjustment on this returned amount?)

If you did everything right, the account of the employee will have a debit balance under employee clearing Account under liabilities. Meaning when the employee pays back, you just have to use receive money option under bank or cash transactions and select employee clearing Account, then the employee account and then enter amount. The entry will hit the employees account with a Debit and zero the account out.

A couple corrections to @Abeiku’s post:

  • The receipt will be entered in the Receipts & Payments tab, which combined the Bank Transactions and Cash Transactions tabs several months ago.
  • The effect on Employee clearing account will be a credit, not a debit.

To be clear, @harward, you cannot use a journal entry in Manager to record movement of actual money.

Sure a credit

DT: cash
CT: employee Account

I was sure that was just a typo, @Abeiku. :wink: