Loading wages as cash


I am very new to this program. I have a problem loading wages as cash. If I do it by spent money in the bank account it comes up as a suspense. Am I doing something wrong? I have tried a few things but it is not working. Please tell me how to do this.


Oh. And another thing is if I do it via payslip it comes of my banking account and not my cash account.


The first thing that you can do is make some account in SETTING -> Payslip Items and add some Sub Account that notice you about wages you will pay (it will be have 3 category, Earning, Deduction and Employer Liability) . Then make pay slip for each employees you have, it will save the amount in EMPLOYE CLEARING ACCOUNT. So when you pay your employee, make a spend transaction on your Cash or Bank Account and click on suspense account change it with Employe Clearing Account and select your employee that you will pay. It will reduce Employee Clearing Account amount.