Payroll in Canada?

Brand new to Manager wondering if there is anyone out there from Canada that has set up there system for payroll that could give me some guidance

We are a small sole proprietor business in Alberta, Canada. We started with Quickbooks in 2007 for accounting and spreadsheets for payroll using online CRA payroll calculator.

The CRA online payroll calculator works best for small companies with only a few employees. My business account (CRA) provides online T4, ROE reporting and payroll remittances. These calculations could then be stored in Manager’s payroll system. I think this is takes too much time and work even for a few employees.

For us a much simpler and cheaper solution is to use SimplePay Cloud payroll which also calculates holiday pay and tracks vacation pay in Canada and produces T4 slips and ROE reports in Canadian government format that can be submitted with a few mouse clicks. Cost is based on numbers of employees and individual transactions per employee. We have 2 employees and our monthly payroll cost is $10.50. In Manager we track the bank transactions for paydays, payday advances and payroll remittances which are categorized as expenses for income tax reporting purposes. All our expenses accounts are based on CRA expenses categories for income tax.
Hope this helps.

You should just have to make 1 or 2 summary entries per pay period, if you use a separate payroll system. It doesn’t take very long. One for the payroll summary and one for the payments, depending on how you pay.