Paypal and Manager - Something really needed


I know it is difficult to write code(as I write some myself) but something that would be really good for Manager would be to be able to send a payment request from Paypal via the manager invoice making process.

Right now I am trying to invoice a client but have to do a payment request via Paypal and then double the work by creating manually another invoice in Manager. Do you think you will include a feature like this one in the future?

Thank you,

Generally I’m staying out of hard-coding any integration with 3rd-party services.

So the only way to integrate with 3rd-party such as PayPal will need to be done via API. In order to implement a feature like this, Manager will need support for hooks where your script can be executed on event happening in Manager. The script can then create payment request via PayPal. That would be the cleanest approach.

However, Manager doesn’t support hooks at the moment and workaround is too much effort to make it worth.

Hi Lubos,

Yes I totally understand your point, it would really complicate things up and even increase your dev cost.

No problem, I will keep going as it is but won’t manage to do this if I have an increase in invoice frequencies, it is just too hard to tracks unfortunately.

Thanks again,