Customer payment details


When we enter receive money from customer, would it be possible to have extra fields with for example cheque details and type of payment, cheque, cash, direct deposit, credit card or netbank. I know we can put details in extra information, but extra fields look better


I’m planning to implement custom fields functionality so you will be able to add extra fields to practically any form.


I would find this a very useful addition to “receive money from customer” and would like very much to use this functionality. Particularly when I view invoices and would like to use the receive money button at that point. However, I cannot “gather up” these transactions into a single deposit at present to match a downloaded deposit transaction from the bank. If I could do this and have a record of the deposit I would be thrilled. Right now I have to do all of this record keeping outside of Manager. Any plans to implement something like this in the future?


I just want to point out Receive money from customer is not the only way to mark the invoice as paid.

You can go to Bank accounts and create blank receipt by clicking Receive money and then choose Accounts receivable account + invoice.

If you split this receipt into multiple line items, you can select multiple invoices from multiple customers in that single transaction.

So basically what needs to be done is ability to check multiple invoices and then select action Receive money so Manager will just prefill receipt with details of all checked invoices rather than you doing this complex transaction manually. Is this what you have in mind?



I still need to record payment details like cheque numbers and amounts. Some cheques may also pay more than one invoice. Some customers pay more and expect it to work out later with accumulated credits. This application of Manager is for a repeating service business. Sometimes customers forget to leave a cheque and leave two payments the next time. Sometimes manual is better to avoid mistakes.

The main thing is to properly record all payment information so that any future customer misunderstandings can be straightened out with supporting documentation. We currently scan cheques. If in the future a scanned image can be attached to a transaction in manager this would also change what we would want to store.


Thank you.


There is currently no customer prepayments support but it is something I’m going to implement right after completing inventory module so that will handle these transactions where you need to split money received from customer where some amount goes to be allocated against the unpaid invoice and remainder would be posted into special credit account of that customer so it can be applied against future invoice(s) or even refunded if required.

Attachments will be implemented too but that is a bit further away on my roadmap. So basically to make Manager ideal for your use case, you need:

  1. Ability to post customer prepayments to special customer credit accounts
  2. Ability to create custom fields on forms (e.g. cheque number)
  3. Ability to attach scanned documents to transactions

These features will be implemented in the order specified above.


Thank you Lubos. I took it on faith that you would do something like this when we started to use Manager based on what I saw so far. Manager is quickly moving forward and we are very impressed with it so far. Our needs are relatively simple but Manger has already made a big difference for us over our previous software package. I appreciate the confirmation of your plans for the future and look forward to their implementation. Super good work!


As to having the option to recieve multiple payment types, since I use another software for banking, I set up several bank accounts in Manager. I named them, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Check. (sorry American Express, you’re not on my list)

I’ve used Quickbooks since 5.0 until recent. QB is a great program, but it’s downfall is that it must run on Windows.(QB on Linux using Wine or CrossOver Office is pitiful) Manager runing on Linux/Ubuntu is a great trade off. I’ll never go back to anything that has to run on Microsoft.

We don’t live in a perfect world. What Manager doesn’t do, I can do without. As great as the program is today, I would expect it to only get better indays to some. Thanks for a great program