Payment slips

Hello all,

I’m struggling with the layout off the Payment Slip. I know we can see the year to date now but i just don’t like the layout. Before i start working in Liquid i was wondering if any of the users already made some changes in the layout and are willing to share there format.

Thanks in advance

(Dutch user)

Are you referring to a payslip or a payment? They are two different transaction forms. Whichever, remember that a custom theme affects all transaction types on which it is used.

Hi @Tut
I’m referring to a payslip.

Period-to-date information on payslips is treated like custom fields, although it is not explicitly defined as such. This Guide may be useful to you:

Yes thanks i noticed that, and that is what I’m struggling with. The form gives an Net pay but isn’t doing this for the custom fields, what i understand. I’m trying to figure out how to make a net total of the custom fields. Maybe easy but I’m a beginner.

Calculations in custom themes are possible. See However, while the period totals on payslips seem to be treated as though they are custom fields, they are not defined as such under Settings. So I’m not sure what you describe is possible. There is no documentation about this, so you have to experiment.

Thanks @Tut this is helpful.