Bank Rules not working

I’ve followed this guide Use receipt rules to categorize imported transactions | Manager and read other posts about this topic but can’t make it work.

I’ve got bank statements imported.
Bank and Cash Accounts → Uncategorized Receipts

New Receipt Rule

Create new rule

Check all transactions and click Batch update

Nothing happens except no transactions are checked now.

I am running version

Bank rules stop working
6 month ago, I set up the Bank rules for receipts and payment and it was working well after importing bank transaction
Today I import bank transaction, the import are fine but the bank rules does not work and all the transactions are classified as suspense , so I have individually edit and update each transaction.

why does the Bank rules stop working?

Without seeing your bank rules and imported bank records no one else can answer that question other than you.
Start by

  1. looking at one of your transactions you believe should be processed by an existing bank rule

  2. Find the bank rule which is suppose to process that transaction

  3. Compare the above two and see if you can identify why it was not processed

  4. If you can identify the cause (eg your bank or supplier has changed their format), update the bank rule as required. If you can’t identify the cause post a screen shot of the bank rule and pertinent part of the bank record here.

How often did you import bank statements with the rules you set that where successful? A common fault is to be too precise in the rules which for example can be caused by not editing the description and if unique the rule would never be applied again.

A simple example. Assume the description is something like “purchase of 10 apples” and you make a rule to assign this receipt to Sales then next time a statement say purchase of 4 apples" it will require a new bank rule. To make this work the bank rule needs to change to “purchase of apples” it will not have a problem with the 10 and 4 in the example as it will apply the rule irrespective of whatever came in between.