Payment / receipt form : show/hide additional fields

Good day All

As happy user a quickquestion:
we now have a great feature to choose with columns to show or hide, very handy

In payment and receipt form would it be possible to allow user to select show/hide the additional fields?

(sorry if I could not find if discussed previously)


I think your request is not logical as it is on the payment/receipt edit screen where you select and enter all the desired information you want to see on the individual view screen. On the summary screen you can then just select the main or all the information you want to see by selecting the corresponding colums.


Good points, we do can select what columns to see when transaction has been executed.

But… many of the additional fields are (in our case) not used in entering a transaction so would be nice to be able to select whiush are relevant or not.

BTW we have two small admins and in one a field is Values are Tax exclusive and in the other Tax inclusive, is a bit confusing a source of errors.


You do that by leaving the field empty or not.

I don’t understand what this has to do with showing or hiding colums? Isn’t this an internal decision making point?

Hi mark

A wish/idea. Makes it handier

As always: a happy user

I think interfiling maybe wishing to reduce “clutter” on the various screens where tick boxes occur?

And once hidden, how would users know the options were there when needed?

Hi Tut

In settings page,

Settings per form

Checkmark per field,

Include Yes/No

as said, Idea/whish, no prio

While technically feasible, your idea just leads to more and more complexity, scattering program control over more and more places.


Although makes it easier and prevents mistakes.

But …. I accept your decision

That wasn’t my decision. It was my opinion. And while you think it would make things easier for you, I think about the thousands of other users for whom it would make things harder. A general purpose program cannot be optimized for a single user. If you want that, you need to develop your own software.