Hide option for Qty box on Payment Entering

This is a humble request!
on entering “New Payment” I can hide or show “Line description” box in Defaults setting. in the same, if i would have option to hide “Qty” Box, it may be rather flexible as qty is not necessary on cash payments, we only have to enter amount in “Unit price” box.

Imo the net effect is a step backwards.

To explain

  • The gain in screen real estate of adding a checkbox to hide description justifies the complexity of having the check a box to enter data in that field.

  • With quantity the field is small so limited screen real estate is gain so does not justify the increased user complexity.

to me it makes more sense

  • When accounts payable or accounts receivable is selected, quantity could probably be disabled, just as tax codes are disabled.

  • For other cases where a users work flow that doesn’t need quantity, then just don’t enter data in it.

  • For users who utilise quantity (cash transactions or transactions entered via bank import), quantity can be used directly when required.


I agree with @Patch. We do not need more options scattered that provide no functional utility.

I agree with @Patch

I’ve added this into ideas because I agree with this feature request. I think when you are entering new transactions, the number of fields should be as low as possible and additional fields should reveal themselves only if applicable.

In the latest version, receipts and payments have Amount column only by default (21.11.74).


To allow entering quantities, check Column - Qty field.


Many businesses never use Qty column on receipts and payments so this will simplify the look for them. And those who do often can have this checkbox checked by default using Form Defaults.

And I do not see quantity field as something that should reveal itself based on account or item selected that’s why I’m adding a checkbox to switch the column on/off.

There is one more reason why this needs to be this way but that is related to another topic in ideas which I’m still working on.