Payment of Letter of Credit

Dear Tut good day.
Can you help me How I adjust or make payment of LC through bank account by installation.?


Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Yours was not related to the topic on purchase payments where you posted it. It has been moved to its own topic.

Sir invoice and jurnal entry how to export ms exel please help me

This question is also off topic and a reasonably common requirement. The sensible way of finding how to do such things is

  1. Look in the guides, enter search words such as “export invoice” brings up this guide Export lists and reports

  2. Failing that, look on the forum, again there is a search function and look for similar things such as export invoice

To answer your question anyhow

  1. Go to the invoice or journal entry tab (depending on what you want to export into your spread sheet program)

  2. When you have at least one entry in that tab, at the bottom of the screen there is an “Export” and “Batch update button”.

  3. Click on the “Export” button, select the text, then paste into your spread sheet program

  4. If you are trying to achieve more advanced functionality, click on the “Batch update” button, click on the “Copy to clipboard” button, then paste into your spread sheet program.