Error on receipt

Hi the developer,

I’ve been seing this error at least from last weekend.
Can you fix this in an urgent matter?
This kind of error cannot be happened. It’s not a free software. Thanks.

This issue is already in bugs:

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There is no paid or free software that is error free. Errors and bugs happen in all software, why do you think there are so many updates of operating systems that all include as one of the reasons error corrections.

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Ok errers can happen but why this cannot be fixed shortly? Bugs have been there for many days and been reported at least 2 days ago. It’s still not fixed yet.

Fortunately in this case it’s simple to workaround the issue @chris.chai - just edit and select an account for the transaction. It should then display correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know that but that’s not the solution. This needs to be fixed. I just don’t understand why developer hasn’t fixed it yet.

Probably because the developer is overhauling the whole transaction system that will address several ideas and bugs. Follow the discussion at Recommendation for standardization of transaction layout - #44 by eko so you can appreciate that work is done on this. In the meantime it is not clear why you would not as recommended by @ShaneAU select an account for the transactions as that should be standard practice in any case.

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Holy moly this bug has not been fixed as yet…

Did you try, i.e install newest version of Manager to date and try? By the way this was categorized as error not bug and a simple workaround works.

Mine is cloud edition.

When trying did you use the new inbuilt theme or still the custom theme?

I only use the basic theme.