Payment date on sales invoice payment summary

It would be helpful to view also the payment date of an invoice in the sales invoice summary sheet.
Are you planning to add this feature in the future?

Well, there could be multiple payment dates so you probably mean the date when the invoice was paid in full if there have been multiple smaller payments matched against the invoice, right?

What what would be the use case for this? How would you use this information?

I know this is an old question but the OP did not clarify the need for it.

I think it would be very good for both parties to know when the payments were made as the invoice only shows the invoice date but not payment date.

Say an invoice was issued for 1000 on 1/1//16
customer pays
1/1/16 Amount credited 300.00
2/3/16 Amount credited 400.00
4/5/16 Amount credited 300.00

            Balance Due 0.00

Why it is needed?
It would show both parties how long it took to pay off that invoice

It could be added as an option to show invoice payment summary.

The Customer Statement could be used to illustrate all that information, if it grouped the data by invoice rather then listing by date order.

@Brucanna you are right but that is a separate report.

On the invoice itself It is helpful for the seller too to see how and when that invoice was credited and paid in full i.e mini invoice specific statement.

@lubos could you please share the variables to be inserted in custom invoice theme just before Balance Due.
if possible. I have Desktop Manager 16.11.41.


That can be seen now by clicking on the Invoice balance (blue amount or dash)

Right now it’s not possible to show mini-statement on invoice itself. I think it’s a good idea to explore though. This would encourage users to keep even better bookkeeping records as they would be part of the invoice itself.

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Originally, the reason of my request was to track if a customer pay usually on time or not. And also, sending the payment history to the customer, highlight how many time they paid with delays!

I hope with the next updates, one column with the date of full payment of the invoice will be added!


Payment dates are available on a transaction type customer statement.

I didnt see it in the last update.
Are you sure?

I meant in the summary in cvs format, its not shown when customer paid the invoice.

I only mentioned the customer statement.

Thanks Tut for your reply. maybe we are referring to two different situation.

In the customer’s invoice payment summary (the export section of a .cvs file), it would be helpful if there’s an additional column showing also the date when each invoice has been paid in full (now you can only see invoice date and #). In this way you can track over time if a customer pays on time or even show them on which invoices they were late.

If you think we are referring to different things, you need to explain more clearly what you are referring to. There is nothing in Manager called “customer’s invoice payment summary (the export section of a .cvs file)”. So please explain how you are getting to whatever you are viewing that you think should change.

alright Tut:
please click Customers (on menu on the left) → click 'your customer’s total Invoices nr. (on the 5th column) → click export button (on the bottom of the list).

On this sales invoice summary (I thought it was csv.format) it would be helpful to have an additional column showing the date where each invoice has been paid in full for rhe reasons said above.

OK. Now I understand your suggestion. The problem is that a single invoice might have received multiple, partial payments. Dates for all those would not fit as an entry into a column. Instead, you click on the blue Balance due figure and see a complete list of all transactions contributing to that balance. Of course, for an invoice that has been paid in full, the number you are clicking will be zero.

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