Paying expenses

when i pay basic expenses like telephone or electricity then i use the payments option and select the relevant expense account and make the payment - it appears in the list of receipts and payment but does not appear in the summary or in any report i generate.

payments for utilities are usually entered into a purchase invoice first prior to the actual payment…this is because they usually bill you for it and give you some time to pay for it on a later date…

read this guide for reference…

it all works now as usual - no need for purchase invoice - just did payments to the utility expenses as setup by default in manager and i added new expense accounts as well - all looks good - initial problem appears to be the date I used to capture the expense - was in a previous month and too early - should not have been a problem but when a took a slightly later date in the previous month then it all worked and reflected in my reports.

  • Have you set a start date in Manager? If so transactions prior to the start date are generally ignored.

  • Are your reports using cash or accrual basis? Although if you are entering this transaction on a Manager “Cash” basis (ie no Manager invoice, Payment do expense account not accounts payable) then reporting basis will not effect this particular transaction.

  • What was the date range of the reporting period. In particular how does it compare to the dates in the payment, both the transaction date and date it was cleared (if you have set a date there).

@Adam9, the payments may also be in your Suspense account. You did not mention, for example, choosing a cash or bank account for the payment. If the transaction is incomplete it will go to Suspense awaiting correction. See

Your problem, however, sounds like it was caused by entering transactions before your start date. You should only set a start date if you are migrating from a previous accounting system. See

100% correct - my start date was wrong - i set the start date backwards and all was fine. lovely software - i am very happy and it works very well. thank you to all of you.