How do I mark invoices I have spent money on as paid?

I really don’t kow a thing about accounting but found the software very easy to use. All I did up until now was use it to issue invoices. Now I am trying to enter all the outgoings by entering the invoice details I have from my purchases but I am definitely doing something wrong.
First I started putting them in as purchase orders but that didn’t show up as outgoing so I started putting them all downb as purchase invoices.
Now they are saying I am overdue paying them. How do I mark them down as paid so that they go under my expenses?
Many thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give

please refer the guides for basic understanding on how to use Manager Guides | Manager
everything is explained clearly with examples.
in your case read Record a payment | Manager

Thankyou. I searched and searched the guides. That is a big help. Thanks again.

you do not even have to search.
the relevant guides appear in Manager program for every tab at the bottom. below is a screenshot of the Receipts & Payments tab.

@LukesArmy, it actually sounds like what you have tried to do is record payments of purchases you made without being extended credit by your suppliers. Purchase invoices are not involved in that. Those are explained by this Guide: Make cash purchases (purchase without purchase invoices) | Manager.

I have probably written the following a hundred times on this forum: Manager is a tool. Unless you know what the tool is supposed to accomplish, you will not be able to use it. So spend some time learning basic accounting principles. The effort will be well worth it. I suggest starting here:

Thankyou so much everyone for your help. I am trying to just enter sales and invoices and don’t really want to become a certified accountant. If I could just ask one more thing (I hope)…

I have all the invoices under payments and receipts but everything under the “Account” column says “Suspense.”

your question is already answered in the guides.

The minimum is to enter the payment via the receipt and payment tab. If entering lots of transactions, import bank statements is efficient.

Is this things you have sold (a sale in your Manager business) or thing you have purchased / outgoings (a purchase in your Manager business)

For your specific question goto the guides in particular

First Steps

Summary: Clear transactions in Suspense account

But the person who actually uses this information to truly “fix” your problem will need to have a basic understanding of accounting and what is being represented by the numbers and accounts.

For efficient use of your time I suggest you either employ a book keeper to enter your accounting information or invest some time learning about basic accounting so you can do it your self.

For more specific guidance please provide

  • As screen shot of your chart of accounts (Settings → Chart of accounts)

  • The edit screen of one of the “invoices” you have been creating. Please include the bread crumbs in the screen shot