Pay the balance from debit note

I have returned items worth 25k to a supplier and he gave me a debit note for an earlier invoice.
So I entered a debit note in manager.
Now I purchased items worth 10k again.
How to balance it against the debit note.
Receive cash and then settle or is there a proper way?

I don’t know whether a similar thing is posted here earlier, I just can’t find.

if you have entered the debit note for the supplier, it will be automatically adjusted against your next purchase invoice.

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@Prasanna_Premasinghe, your explanation was not completely clear. Did the supplier give you a credit note (which you would enter as a debit note) for “an earlier invoice” in error, meaning not for the invoice pertaining to the goods your returned? If so, you should get the supplier to correct it. If you just correct your supplier’s mistake by entering your debit note against the correct invoice, you could end up with confusion in the future, since your records will not match your supplier’s.

@sharpdrivetek’s statement was incomplete. To be applied against the next purchase invoice automatically, you must enter your debit note against the supplier’s subaccount under Accounts payable, but leave the invoice number blank. If you specify the debit note as being for a specific invoice, you could end up with that one being overpaid.

Read this Guide for more information: This one might also be useful:

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Invoice no X had an amount of 35K and I returned 25K worth of goods from X.
Supplier gave me a credit note, I entered it as a debit note.
Now this happens

Now exactly this happened

So, all i need to do here is clear the invoice number from debit note?

It’s a little hard to understand your post, @Prasanna_Premasinghe, because no Invoice X is shown, there is no transaction for 35K, and none for 25K. Do I assume correctly you are referring to Purchase Invoice 3980 with Singpro for 32,000 LKR? And a debit note for 23,750 LKR?

If so, the answer to your question is yes. And when you remove that invoice number on the debit note, the overpayment on purchase invoice #3980 will automatically be applied to purchase invoice #4163, so it will be paid in full. And you will still have a credit balance with Singpro of 3,750 LKR.

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Yes. At last minute I thought of uploading the pictures and therefore I forgot to correct the example with the real invoices. But you got it exactly right.
I have removed the invoice number from debit note and now have a better understanding about it.
Thanks @Tut.

My English could be a little off, it’s not my first language. Sorry.

Your English was fine, @Prasanna_Premasinghe. Only the numbers were in question. I am happy you got your problem resolved.

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