"Pay Now" hyperlink pasted into customer invoices

In a prior post titled “Invoices accepting credit card payments” @lubos replied as follows: “You can include hyperlink on invoice which clients could click to pay.”

If I wanted to add a PayPal “Pay Now” button on the PDF invoices or customer statements I send out, how exactly would I do it? Are the instructions in one of the Guides? Or has anyone else successfully done this?

Thank you for your reply.

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You need to check on the Paypal site - no?

@Joe91, thanks for the reply. No, the information I seek would be a Manager function not a PayPal function.

I think it highly unlikely that Manager will include a payment processor function anytime soon.

But who knows?

@Joe91, thanks again for your reply. You may have missed it in my original post but I quoted a reply previously posted by the software developer. In that reply @lubos specifically stated it was possible to “…include hyperlink on invoice which clients could click to pay.” However, he didn’t include how to do it.

So it is that which I am looking for. If you’re not aware of the capability or how to do it, I understand and I’ll wait for another reply. But I do appreciate your comments.

Have you just put in an HTML hyperlink to whatever URL PayPal wants you to go to?

@Tut, I have not yet tried to insert the PayPal hyperlink text into the invoice. I was looking for the directions first. Are you aware of whether or not this functionality is currently available? Or perhaps it was mentioned in the prior post as theory rather than function and I misinterpreted the meaning? Because I don’t know at this point. Thanks.

The only functionality required in Manager is the ability to insert HTML tags, which you can do in a custom field. Try it. You can always undo it. Or experiment in a test business.

@Tut, thank you for the advice. Is this to be found in any Guide? I did not see instructions when I looked.

Yes, there is a Guide about HTML in custom fields. It isn’t a programming textbook. There are plenty of resources online for that. It raises awareness and gives few examples.