Past years account lock

Dear All,

does Manager allow for locking accounting entries for previous years? I would like to lock 2019, so we don’t insert any transaction there anymore - intentionally, or by mistake. I know that we can edit the accounting period in summary and it helps as lot. On the other hand, I could still find a transaction from 2019, or 2020 and clone it. In theory I might forget to change the year in the transaction date and it would automatically book to 2019/ 2020. Of course, you might find it later in the reconciliation phase. I am however wondering whether there is a system lock allowing for a transaction block for past accounting periods?

Thank you in advance,

Search the guides’ page for Lock Date. I recommend you to always start by searching the guides and/or this forum :wink:

thank you Mark. I promise I did it in the first step, but with different keywords. I will search for the Lock Date. Thank you very much for your hint. Enjoy your day.