Hiding journal entries from previous year

Can anyone tell me how do I clear my journal entry screen for the End Of Financial year?

I am only wanting to see the current Financial Year, is this possible at all?

You can’t hide data in Manager. Manager is designed as multi-year accounting system so you will always see all transactions since the beginning.

You might want to “lock the period” so no transactions can be modified before certain date. To do that, go to Settings tab, then Lock date.

Thanks for that. I have looked under the settings tab, and there is no option to Lock Date.

It sounds like you are using an old version of Manager. Update to the current version. Lock Date is definitely under Settings.

Is there an easy way to update my version? I cannot seem to find an update version option anywhere

As far as I am aware, you have to just download the latest version and install it. It seems to detect the existing one and replace it.

@aluckman You have to go to go to the main site www.manager.io then click free download then click download on your OS. This updated Manager and doesn’t loose any of your data.