Parallel texts on invoice by code on custom field possible?

my current invoice looks as like this

and i want the company’s bank details at the place where arrow indicates.
so that more items on invoice can be added. is it possible to bring it like that using custom field minimum coding ?
Wanted Output :
and the code which i use on custom field is as below :

The NEW GST datas made the invoice go more than one page- so for space management needing this.

Thank you
you people are really making manager an excellent software which is unmatchable.

use attributes <tr><td> to position them accordingly.

not well versed in html/liquid language :frowning:
anyhow let me try my best attaining the required result :slight_smile:
thank you

This may be helpful:

In particular, this part:

The <tr> represents a row, and <td> represents a cell in that row.

What you want is something like this:

    <td>Bank Details</td>
    <td>Authorised Signatory</td>

Which ends up side-by-side:

Bank Details Authorised Signatory

You’ll probably also want to set style on those <td> tags, so that they’re 50% width each (or similar). Works the same way as how you’ve set the style on your <div> tags above.

thank you for a detailed explanation.
surly will try