Paid Invoices are still showing in the dropdown while paying for others invoices

I did some entry in Journal and tried to pay to Supplier against some invoices but after paying fully, still those invoices are coming.

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Yeah, what is really happening is that when you create purchase invoice, this invoice will become sub-account under Accounts payable. This sub-account doesn’t get deleted when its balance reaches zero. That’s why it’s always visible in autocomplete box, even after it’s fully paid.

The solution is to implement archiving function which will allow you to archive paid invoices in bulk so you won’t see them as options in autocomplete boxes.

Okay.So archiving function is yet to be launched in this software ?

That’s right. It needs to be implemented for inactive customers, suppliers, inventory items, bank accounts, general ledger accounts etc. It’s not just a feature for invoices.

Is it already implemented? or is that project put on hold?

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