Start Date button missing from settings

Hi, I’ve set up manager on a family member’s laptop, and I’ve been entering receipts and payments from 01 Feb this year only. However, I can’t do a bank recon, since I am unable to enter a start date. It used to be in the settings tab.

Please assist

There is no Start Date in manager any more - it was eliminated many months ago

Why does that pose a problem with Bank Reconciliations - it is not needed for that?

You set an opening balance for your bank account in the Bank & Cash Accounts tab

Okay thanks, Didn’t think to set it in the bank/cash accounts, as that is not how it worked when I initially started using manager

@Eurika, understand that there is a difference between the effects of the now-removed start date and setting starting balances for bank or cash accounts.

The purpose—the only purpose—of starting balances is to transfer balance sheet account balances from old accounting systems to Manager. You do not use them when beginning with Manager at the inception of a business. Even if you had a bank balance that you have now decided will be the initial contribution of funds to a new business, that would be entered into Manager as a receipt.

The purpose of the old Start Date function was to force Manager to ignore transactions before a certain date, allowing you to enter outstanding invoices and such. The program’s behavior was modified slightly so a different process is used. It’s simpler and avoids the many problems that occurred with users who would forget that they had set a start date.

What all that means is that your statement, “…Didn’t think to set it in the bank/cash accounts, as that is not how it worked when I initially started using manager” may cause you to misunderstand the current functionality. You are not setting a start date by entering a starting balance for a bank or cash account. You are simply setting the balance that exists when you transfer from an old accounting system to the new one. The difference is subtle, but provides greater flexibility in unusual circumstances.