Pacakging a item with defferent quantity attribute

I recently installed manager on a Plastic Factory and work smoothly accourding from Raw material to Finished product.

But here is main problem I have faced.
Accourding to factory there are only 3 products for selling from Raw Material with different Kilogram Pakcage.

Shopper Bag Pure
Pack5 = 5KG = price are not fixed
Pack8 = 8KG
Pack10 = 10KG
Pack12 = 12KG
Pack15 = 15KG

If I create new invoice then I allowed to select from list which pack I am selling with desire quantity.

How to resolve this issue ? :sweat_smile: :innocent:

Or could you implement like this below … :blush:

It can be appear like this in Sale Invoice

Please read the guide about Inventory Kits and use them.

@sharpdrivetek Thanks for reply.
What I was learn from Inventory Kit that is only for Pack of different items for Box/Promotions/Discounts/Offers etc.

I want to sale HPDesktop+Monitor+Wireless Keyboard & Mouse+Headphone etc. with box of 1 Pack.
So I can use Inventory Kit for this Complete package and create new Item withe name of HP Offer 22.
After this I can create invoice with the name of HP Offer 22 instead of select items 1 by 1 from list and add them.

My situation is different.
I already have Finished Item which derive from Production and I am selling with the different weight of Pack/Box with different quantities.

I am sellings Eggs.
1 Egg = 1 Quantity
1 Dozen = 12 Pieces Eggs
1 Pallate = 30 Pieces Eggs
1 Carton = 12 Pallate

In above case I cant use Inventory Kits or may be still I dont understand well how to use Inventory Kit.

All the examples you provided can be handled with inventory kits.

In your original post the inventory unit is KG. So I am assuming you are producing 100kg of the item using production orders. Unless you are producing it in packs of 5kg, 8kg, etc you can simply use inventory kits and sell them to the customer. But if you are maintaining separate inventory as 5kg 8kg packs, then these should be produced by issuing additional production orders.

Could you share with screen shot.
I want also maintenance record of weight which I produce from Production Order
Here is Documents of Use Inventory Kit
But I want different weight of bag/box only for a Item and also I dont want to do like below …
5KG Bag, 1 item
8KG Bag, 2 item
10KG Bag, 3 item
12KG Bag, 4 item
15KG Bag, 5 item
Because I produce only 1 item from Production Order and cant be correctly produce quantity for all above mentions items.

As I see in your Initial post and it’s photo … I understand that … For Finished Item, you are not using “Inventory kits” and also not using “Production Order” then how you add UOM in Inventory Item…

Can you describe how you use UOM in Inventory Item…? Because by default we can not add UOM in inventory Items. So how you add this. Please describe it.

Sorry to miss understood about this.

UOM I modified screen shot with MS Paint Paint
Only I want to look like this

But I used Production Order for Finished Item from Raw Material

@hafiz4saqib, you should just enter a production order for, as an example, 100 kg. The unit of measure for the inventory item would be kg. Then define inventory kits for 5 kg bag, 8 kg bag, 10 kg bag, 12 kg bag, and 15 kg bag. Sell by the kit according to what the customer purchases.

Your understanding is too narrow. Inventory kits are not for how you pack something, but for how you sell. The items do not need to be packaged together at all. The point is that they have a single price, often less than the sum of the components. So your 5 kg bag might be priced at 5 currency units, but the 10 kg bag could be priced at only 8 currency units.

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@Tut Sorry to say that Still I dont get your point but …
I solve this issue with Custom Field

I want look like this

But my point was here like below picture for Item = 2001- Shopping Bag Pure

In Sale Invoice I could select which Bundle I want to sale.

@Tut could you share via screen shot because I failed to creat package like you said.

OK. I am assuming a single produced or purchased unit weights 1 Kg. Or else it is a bundle of bags that together weigh 1 KG. For this illustration, it does not matter.

First, you create your inventory item for a single shopping bag:

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 10.49.36 AM

(Why you would define a bag by weight I can only guess. Surely you do not weigh them in the warehouse. I think the unit of measure for a bag should probably by “each.”)

Then you create inventory kits. For this example, I am showing the 5-pack"

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 10.53.50 AM

A 10-pack inventory kit would be similar, but might have a price discount built in.

Now you sell a 5-pack and a 10-pack in the same transaction:

Is that not a lot easier than what you have been trying to do? No “main units” and “sub units.” Only one item to count in the warehouse. Quantity price discounts are built into the inventory kits. Customers can buy 5 single bags or 1 Pack5, two Pack5’s or one Pack10.

In the example, the sale would remove 15 single units from inventory.

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@Tut Sorry to bother you again.

I done Inventory Kit according to your description but I dont get same result what I want.

How to select Pack8, Pack10,Pack12 or Pack15 ?
And I dont want to appear Pack5, Pack8 or Pack15 in Item list to pick up from there because I am selling item name Shopper Bag Pure instead of Pack5.
Or may be I am still not understand properly how to use Inventory Kit in my case.

But If I do one by one different BOM according to Packs then this is not a Professional way because main reason is that I must select Pack from Item List instead of Item Name and why Packs appear in the list ?
I will select Pack from Quantity menu which Pack I want to sale for Item.

You need to create an inventory kit for each of the items @Tut gave you the example how to create one and you need to create one kit for each, 5 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, etc. and not as you did one with 5 items. You select the packs as items in the invoice.

@eko Thank you very much.
Could you share with me via Screen Shot so I can understand very well.
But remember one thing I dont want to show Pack5 or Pack10 in Item Name List.

@Tut already gave you the screenshot that you followed. Except that you added more items rather than creating one kit for each item. You can name the inventory kit item whatever you want. Then when selecting it in an invoice, you can still add a line-description to it.

@eko Thats why I want to help here.
I need here Unit of Meausrement instead of available new Item which is appear in Item list instead below of Qty via Iventory Kit.
I tried many time but result was same.
This available in Item List like as new Item but I dont want this.

You ask me that I can add line there for description then this below method is perfect for me.
No need Inventory Kit and No need any description.

And what I learn from Inventory Kit that is working for Packages/Boxes/Bundle for purmotions Items
It can combines multiple items in one place and sold them.
But according UOM its totaly disaster way.
Or still I am wrong …

@hafiz4saqib, you are going around in circles. You make the same arguments over and over, ask the same questions, ignore the answers, demand illustrations with screen shots that you also ignore, and then say that a completely different approach works perfectly for you. And you repeat incorrect statements after being given the correct information.

The method I described and illustrated for you, using your names and labels, is very simple and conveniently accomplishes what you originally said you wanted to do. I cannot provide any further assistance.

@Tut My apologies for the inconvenience.
Now, give me simple answer with Yes or No.
Is it possible that Packs selection available in Qty like below ?

Not like here below in Item List after use Inventory Kit

In a word, No