Suggestion: Allow use of Inventory Kits with Purchase Orders

Inventory Kits can be used as UOM in sales.
i suggest using it as UOM in purchases also.
and as a recipe in production order.

Sorry but can you explain how this is inline with the purpose of both inventory kits and especially with production order. I can not phantom it, so please explain maybe with examples.

When purchasing an invoice from a supplier, it consists of 3 cartons. Each carton contains 4 bags, and each bag contains 2.5 kg of flour. For example, and you are a retail store. When entering a supplier invoice, you need to convert the quantities to suit sales. For example, convert them in grams. Now the calculation seems easy, but with multiple cartons and differences. Weights and elements need a fixed and reliable reference.

In production orders, you choose the assembled item, write the quantity, and the reason is calculated automatically
Example: Choosing to produce 7 cartons of Pepsi
The production order consists of 1- 24*7 Pepsi cans, 2- 7 packaging cartons, 3- 7 meters of thermal wrap.

Sorry @Casper but you just describe well what Production orders are, but I do not understand the case why this should be part of a purchase. You purchase several inventory items that you will put together to create a new item, i.e. the production order. So how can a supplier create your production order?