P&L Statement(Actual vs Budget) Report

P&L Statement(Actual vs Budget) gives each project summary report.

We would like to have detailed report from P&L Statement (Actual vs Budget), Including to shows invoice or Reference, Debit and credit, If we have issued credit note on the sales invoice and Debit note on the purchase invoice, still we need to see the credit and debit amount (Both) even though the amount is naturalized.

None of that is possible on that report, which only reports account balances. This is no different from a standard profit and loss statement. To get anything like what you want, you will need to construct a custom report.

Thank you…!

Can i kindly ask you to help me of this?

How to use the “Custom Report” for these method mentioned below?
We would like to get the report of Income (Sales) - Credit Note, Expenses(Purchase) - Debit Note of Debit and credit details.

Sorry, but I do not have time to develop your custom reports. Be sure you have read the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/18075.