Custom Field on P&L Actual vs Budget Report?

I would like to be able to assign a custom field to the Profit and Loss Statement (Actual vs Budget) and be able to print it as we are able to print other reports.

Is there a way to do that now or are these features that would need to be coded?

Thank You!

You cannot place a custom field on any report, only on transactions and database entries (like customers or employees). This is because reports are created fresh every time you view them. When you create a report, you are only creating a set of instructions for how to extract and process transactions from the database.

You can print that report. Why do you think you cannot?

Reports have built-in footer fields where you can add notes or other information. What are you trying to add to this report that cannot be placed into the Footer field?

My post was not clear and for that I apologize. I can print reports. What I should have stated was that I would like to have a custom field that could be assigned to each line item in a budget - just like I can do with a line item on a receipt. At the moment, P&L (actual vs budget) statement forms show Account and Amount - I’d like to have Account | CustomField | Amount. The custom field would print out on each line item after the account field - BUT you stated custom fields cannot be placed on any report (unless they could pass-thru to the report from the form i’m presuming), so I could be happy just grabbing a screen shot of the P&L statement form
Thank You Tut!

You do not need to rely on screenshots. You can copy any report to the clipboard, and paste it into a spreadsheet. Usually, with only the adjustment of some column widths, you will have a complete re-creation of the report. From there, you could easily add a column with additional comments.

The reason custom fields cannot pass through from transaction forms is that reports are processed extractions of data from many forms.