Credit Notes inside Profit and Loss statement

How can I add sales returns / Credit Notes to P\L statement report?

You cannot. Line items from credit notes for inventory items are debited to the same income account where the sale of the item was originally credited. This is controlled by your definition of the inventory item. Each inventory item can have only one assigned income account.

You could, however enter transfers using journal entries after entering the credit notes.

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Got it. Can I use custom reports to do this instead I just need the monthly sum of cedits notes that are inventroy items?

Yes, you could use a custom report - if you have a go at this and post the edit screen of the custom report definition and the results, you will get suggestions/help

Posting the edit screen of a typical credit note would help

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I tried this its seems to be working though I dont know how to get monthly totals I have to use Excel.

and this is my credit note

You need to add a filter for dates:

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 7.50.38 AM

I want to have it grouped by month in one report. But using this filter I will need to create a seperate report for each month right?
Is there any difference between using your method and using the date here:

Not really, for the report as you have defined it.

You will not be able to achieve that. Grouping works only by specific parameters. So, you could group by date, but you will get totals day by day, not month by month, because the month is not a separate parameter. And you cannot group by ranges.

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I see, Thanks for confinming.Then I will get daily totals data and group them in excel.