Own Reports

  1. The export button in the own reports section (Linux version, Dutch) does not seem to work.
  2. Where can I find the database structure to be used for SQL coding.

Custom reports is currently undocumented feature. The main reason is that it’s not flexible enough but I keep improving it. Later on, there will be proper documentation.

You can still use it though. If you tell me what report you are trying to generate, I will be able to give you correct SQL command.

I want to make a report of all transactions in the ledger. In another topic you gave the JournalEntryLines, But then bank receipts/payments, invoices, etc are not shown.

The purpose is to make a nice report (sorted by book date and id) of all tranasactions in a year.

This could also be the existing report of all generaal ledger tranaactions, but with different sorting! Or the sql statement underlying this report.

I want a report on all transaction that occurred in a particular day and another command on all transactions that happened within a specified period e.g from 1/8/15-31/8/15. This will serve me like a ‘Day Book’ helping to find errors

Could you please give me the clues to do a “Banking Report” (similar to the Bank Account “View”) specifying start and end dates ?

For list of all transactions, you can have a look at General Ledger Transactions report. This report will be removed once custom reports will allow for this.

@scannerangelaust, for list of bank transaction lines, you can do

SELECT * FROM BankTransactionLines

Hi Lubos, I need to retrieve General Ledger transaction report but complete with reference# for audit purposes. Can you please give me the sql command. Thanks

OK, try in the latest version:

SELECT * FROM GeneralLedgerTransactions

It doesn’t have many columns yet but let me know which ones you actually need.

This works for me. Thank you.