Overdue sales invoices

I have an issue that I am not sure how to solve.

As you can see, there are two invoices that are overdue

But when I look at the customer statement in the reports, those two invoices do not appear to be overdue:

Any suggestions?

Have you set the date for the Customer Statement?

As you have not shown the full screen image of the report it is not possible to tell what date the customer statement is for.

You are right. The date was set on a past date that was not “today”, something that I didn’t even think was possible to be honest. Now it all works correctly. Thanks!

@mauroskov, it looks like you might be using a custom theme. (Order number is not a column on the standard customer statement.) How did you generate this presentation?

No, we don’t use custom themes. It has always been there, it comes automatically. I can see that for other clients for whom we do not use order numbers the column doesn’t appear.

OK. I thought that might explain it, but when I tested the idea by entering an order number on an overdue sales invoice, the column did not appear. After your reply, I tested it again and it does show up, just like your screen shot. I must have missed a button somewhere the first time around. Thanks.