Customer statements (unpaid invoices) / custom reports

i am wondering if there is a way to hide “Order number” and show the “due date” in the Customer statements (unpaid invoices), moreover,
also i’ve tried to change the invoice number to the reference number i used but no success
i’ve tried using custom theme, but no success
any ideas? seems custom themes doesn’t fully work with reports
also i’ve tried to create custom report similar to the customer statements report, but i cannot achieve the same layout, i cannot group by “Invoice Number” without showing the group by :frowning:

Why do you require to hide order number? As for due date, there is Overdue column which shows how many days is invoice overdue. Isn’t this better than plain due date?

i don’t need to show the order number because it is internal matter
i need to show the due date because some invoices might be near to due so that my clients will pay it all in one :slight_smile:
and keep the due days, to show how many days payment is late