Organising multiple entries on single deposit

When depositing multiple cheques (checks) from different customers, they are recorded in the one deposit, like so:

Customer 1 $300
Customer 2 $250
Customer 3 $300
Customer 4 $800
Customer W $120
Customer A $620
Total Deposit $2390.00

When I import the record in CSV the entry shows as:
Branch deposit - MYTOWN $2390.00

Then I have edited the deposit to list the items, including their coding
BUT when I do a search on “Customer 4” the deposit does not show in the results.

SHOULD I split the deposit up into separate receipts to ensure each separate entry is searchable?

If you want to search the receipts, yes. But there are other ways of finding a customer’s transactions. The easiest is probably to drill down on a customer’s accounts receivable balance, either through the Accounts receivable account or the Customers tab.

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Thank you @Tut . Appreciate your help.