Bank Deposit Totals

Ok, I must be missing something here. I routinely deposit several checks on 1 deposit slip resulting in a total of the check amounts. I record each payment on each invoice and they are listed individually in bank accounts but when I get the statement from the bank they will be listed as a total of all the checks for that day. How do I get the checks to list as a total for that day in bank accounts? Am I missing a check mark somewhere to identify each one with a specific deposit slip?

If you want all the checks deposited for a day to appear as a single transaction in Manager, so that Manager’s entry matches the transaction for that day on your bank statement, you must enter them as a single receipt. It sounds like what you are doing is viewing each sales invoice that has been paid and clicking the Receive Money button. While that’s an excellent method, it generates a receipt for only that invoice. And at the end of the day, you might have 20 receipts showing in the register for the bank account inside Manager.

Of course, your bank sees only the one deposit, so they list the transaction as a single total line, even though several checks made up that deposit.

Instead of recording receipts while viewing sales invoices, go to the Bank Transactions tab and select Receive money from the dropdown list of the New Bank Transaction button. Enter a line item for each check, posting to Accounts receivable, the appropriate customer’s subaccount, and the sales invoice number. The transaction will be recorded in Manager as a single total. But the amounts applied to individual sales invoices will be posted there. This is described in the first topic, Basic receipts, in this Guide: You just need to keep adding lines for the various checks.

Thank You! Yes, I was recording them from the invoice side. I searched through the guides but could not find the answer. I was looking for deposits not thinking to look for receipts.