Bank Deposits

Is there a facility to group cheques when entering into bank account. I just deposited two cheques one for £30.00 and another for £45.00. They had to be entered individually. When the statement comes out, it will show a deposit of £75.00.

I don’t see this as a big problem. Whether you enter it as single big deposit or multiple smaller deposits, the balance on your bank statement and in Manager would still be the same.

What about if you are importing bank transactions? There will be a mismatch and it won’t balance. Is this not a problem? It is for me.

If you are importing your bank statements, it is assumed you are not going to enter transactions manually as to avoid possible duplicates. But even if you do the both workflows, duplicates will be discovered during bank reconciliation process.

In my case deposits are made up of up to 20 cheques. I currently must match scanned pages of cheques with unpaid/overpaid/underpaid invoices customer by customer and writing down one or more invoice numbers by each cheque before making a deposit. These are then entered manually to give a match to a bank deposit when imported later. This gets around the problem of trying to select the correct invoice from the drop down list in accounts receivable.This paper record is all I have to keep track of and verify deposits in Manager. If there is not a one to one correspondence between invoices and cheques (there are a lot of reasons why this happens) it becomes even more difficult involving splitting payments etc. I am hoping there will be, in the not too distant future, a well designed deposit module that will handle this task more efficiently.

How about several payers under receipts. Mr a 30.00 Mr B 45.00 total to sales 75.00. This would tie up with cheques deposited at bank.

That’s what I do now. The problem is you cannot inspect the corresponding invoices. It’s just a list. The workaround is to do the match-ups on paper ahead of time. If you don’t do it all at once, the names on invoices aren’t there when you come back to finish. When you check it later to see what you did, no customer names are visible. They disappear. It would help if names remained to check payments that may have been incorrectly assigned to the wrong customer etc. This is why I asked for a deposit module which would make this task easier. It’s OK for now, but eventually it may become too difficult to find an fix entry errors etc.

Could you please explain how when making a deposit of cheques and cash, how I can write details of individual cheque details. i.e. Payee, amount, cheque numbers

I need to know as well, how do I group deposits to match single amount deposited.

Just add more lines for the individual deposits. The total amount must match the amount of the bank transaction.

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Thanks, so simple…silly me!