Order Number on Cash/Bank Transactions

I have customers that purchase goods through my online store which automatically issues them with an order number. I also have customers that use ‘Permission to Purchase’ slips that are numbered.
It would be nice if an optional ‘Order No.’ field could be added to the Cash/Bank Transaction form like what is on the Sales Invoices forms…
Yes, I know I can add custom fields, but it would be much nicer if it appeared on the receipt with the rest of the information as it does on the Invoice.

Several points:

  1. If customers buy online, they are not paying by cash, but by bank transaction. Bank receipt forms have an optional Reference field on them where you could enter such numbers.
  2. Non-essential fields, meaning ones that have no purpose for the program’s operation, were specifically removed some months ago to reduce clutter for the majority of users. Those already populated were converted to custom fields, and capabilities for custom fields have been expanded since. Accommodating individual workflows like yours are exactly what custom fields are meant to be used for. So you should not expect action on your request.
  3. Custom fields can appear on the receipt. Just check the box to Show on printed documents when defining the field.