Order Confirmation


Is there a possibility to add an Order Confirmation to Manager, in order to provide the customer with information regarding price, qty and delivery of items ordered?

Thank you.

At current time, You can use sales order as order confirmation since it doesn’t have any financial impact. You can change the name

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A client of mine is asking now for order confirmations.
Thanks for the tip, I will use the Sales Orders for that purpose. It would anyway be nice to be able to rename the category accordingly, but I know that will not be done…

Again, thank you.

But, by using the Sales Orders there is no linked order reference numbers etc… so it is a mess to link everything together.
Any ideas @lubos ?

Use the Copy function. The reference number on the sales order is carried forward to a sales invoice or other transaction. See Use the Copy to function | Manager.

And you can change the title of a sales order to order confirmation following instructions here: https://www.manager.io/guides/7877.