Link between sales orders and invoices

Is there any link between sales order and invoice ? I wonder if i can choose sales order to make an invoice (invoice based on sales order) automatically.

If it’s possible, i will know which sales order is in processing, which is done (already has an invoice)

Manager does not have a “sales journal,” whatever you mean by that. The Journal Entries tab is for recording double-entry accounting transactions that don’t fit into other tabs and functions. Most businesses will have relatively few journal entries.

Us the Sales Invoices tab for creating sales invoices. That way, all the information needed will be there, such as customer, to generate the correct account receivable.

So sorry Tut, what i meant was…Sales Orders

Yes, you can convert a sales order into a sales invoice. See the Guide at

Thanks for your respons Tut. But how to convert it ? because when i saw the guides, it only tell me “Sales quote can be converted to sales order. Then sales order can be converted to delivery note or sales invoice”. But it didn’t give information how to convert sales orders into sale invoices.

I don’t use this work flow personally, but isn’t there a button when you view the sales order?

@Tut is right. There is a button Copy to ... which displays New Sales Invoice and New Purchase Invoice.

Ok Tut and Hans, it’s solved. Thank you so much