Option to turn off tracking codes, accounts, and locations

Can the ability to turn off (make inactive) the following be added? @

  • Accounts
  • Inventory Locations
  • Tracking codes

Come next year many tracking codes and accounts (normal accounts and bank and cash Accounts) will become redundant .

Possible to be able to hide them just like how we hide inactive inventory items?

Thank you

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Bank & Cash accounts can be made inactive via their Edit button.
Not so for the others, but if its a big issue (many redundancies) then you could consider opening a new (cleaned) business.

Yeah, i have have noticed. I have edited my earlier post to exclude it

I’d like to request this feature, too. We track inventory at various warehouses which change from time to time. The user experience would be much more manageable if the old inventory locations could be marked inactive.

Any news on the possibility to make Inventory Locations inactive? It would be good in order to have fewer columns (the ones with no values) in the Inventory Quantity by Location report.

@mauroskov the latest version (20.6.66) will hide inventory locations with no quantity on Inventory Quantity by Location report.

Thanks, they have already disappeared.

Any update for turn off tracking code? or how to did it?

I know this reply is late but I’m passionate about getting this implemented.

What we really want is to hide the location/Tracking Code from the drop-down menu after inactivating it.


I think that inactivating should be extended a little bit… also to chart of account elements

Yeah I mentioned it

Will help clean the accounts

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