Making an account Invisible

Is it possible to make an account invisible in the system? For example I used to have two bank accounts, and they both record transactions in 2014 and 2015, but now one account is closed.

Similarly, I had an investor who has now been paid off…I would like to now make this Investor Liability account invisible. Is this possible?

Hiding accounts is not currently available.

I’ve added ability to mark cash account as inactive in the latest version (16.5.27). So just edit cash account and check Inactive checkbox. This will hide it from the tab.

Inactive cash accounts will be still visible in drop-down boxes when creating receipts, payments and transfers. That will be addressed soon.

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Question - and if you need to re-visit that account in the future, say a tax audit, how can you re-activate if it’s hidden on the tab ? Will the tab have a “show inactive accounts” tick box ?

It has Show inactive button in bottom-left corner.

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@lubos Just wanted to say thanks for the ability to mark cash accounts inactive. It makes my life a lot easier.