Landing page to hide sensitive information on screen

I use Manager in my small workshop / retail outlet, and because of the layout of the space, customers are often able to see what I’m doing on my computer while I’m navigating through Manager. I would prefer that I could perform my most common tasks without them seeing my summary, a list of sales invoices and their details, and other sensitive information.

My idea would be to have a simple landing page just displaying the most-used tasks as buttons. This could be included as a tab called “Tasks” or “Home”, for example. For me the buttons I’d want would probably be “New Sales Invoice”, “New Customer”, “New Receipt”, “New Payment”, and possibly a few others. First prize would be to have the ability to choose and arrange what tasks appear here, but it probably wouldn’t be hard to come up with a generic list that would work well for most users.

I realise that this is probably an unusual request, and not how Manager is designed to be used. I also realise that there would have to be good justification to add more tabs / features / options / bloat to what is designed as a simple and elegant package. But I think my idea should be easy to implement, as it is just collecting existing options into one user interface, and it could easily be enabled or disabled as with the other tabs. I also appreciate that my physical shop space could be better designed, and I’m working on that!

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I have put this into the ideas category.

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Just an idea, if you use the server version you can create users without permission to view those screens. I have a user we use at our front counter that only allows invoices quotes and orders to prevent the summary pages from showing up when logging in.

Thanks, @VISA-MC. That’s a good point. However, I like using the desktop version, as I don’t always have reliable internet access, and like being able to work off local storage. Also, it’s not just the summary page I’d want to hide. Even clicking on the Sales Invoices tab, for example, displays sensitive information (sales invoices for other customers in this case).

The problem is not that I want to hide certain information from other users (I’m the only user of Manager in my business), but that I want to be able to perform common tasks myself without having to navigate through pages that display sensitive information that anyone watching me could see.

I do appreciate that Manager is not designed as point-of-sale software, and I’m not suggesting it tries to be. But it seems to me that the solution to my problem might just be a relatively small user interface addition rather than any change to the structure or function of the program.

Or turn the screen so that other people can’t see it?

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Yes, I’ve just relocated the business, and the new space does allow me to do that better. But at the old location I was working in a very small space where my desk was against the wall and I had my back to the open room, and if I wanted to be able to see the screen then anyone standing near me (as my customers usually would be while I prepared their invoices) would easily be able to see it too. Not ideal, but it is a real-world challenge that I faced and perhaps others do too, for whatever reason.

(To be clear: despite the recent move, this is still a feature I would appreciate.)

I have this same situation (even this afternoon) where customers see my screen, I wanted to know if I had an item in stock for a customer to buy, clicked the inventory items tab, search for the item, and there is the cost price for all to see. Quite awkward!
Find myself having to dart in and out quickly and hope they don’t see.
Most of the time I have to take their details and say I will get back to them with prices and availability.

If only there was a “hide cost prices” button!

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Same here. Didn’t realize such a request has already been made:

Added to the latest version (21.9.2).

There is new icon along the resize one in bottom-left corner to toggle blur on figures.


When icon is clicked, the figures will be blurred on Summary screen and all tables.




Thanks @lubos! It’s not quite what I had in mind, but in some ways is better.

I thought that I was the only to feel necessity to hide average cost. Actually, we are a multiuser environment where each user has been assigned access to certain module. A user having access to inventory module can easily see our cost of product. I’m sure most users will agree that the cost of goods is a top confidential information. Only limited concerned executives should have access to this classified information. Unfortunately, the junior user have the cost information which is absolutely undesired but we are/feel absolutely helpless to cover this information causing complexities

@lubos ,your attention please. Under duress I request that If there was a check box (hide average cost) just like any other check box option in inventory items that we could check to hide inventory cost. This simple option would help this sensitive information hidden from unwanted leakage to limited access users

@sonicgroup I’m not going to add some checkbox to show/hide average cost. That would go quickly out of hand since there are many other columns where the case could be made to toggle visibility too.

Instead, there will need to be more generic solution where you’d be able to select what columns to show under any tab.

Hi @lubos , that was merely a suggestion. Of course, the best solution will be provided by you and that would be nothing better like a generic solution.

On the sidelines, however, I think that there are not many columns containing such sensitive information like this one exposing cost of goods (a core information which every business entity would consider sensitive & confidential and not make public)

May I suggest, that you give an urgent solution for this case (to hide cost of goods) while a generic solution could come later.

Thanks/M. Sultan