Option to include zero-quantity items in Inventory Quantity Movement report

I would like to be able to see at any previous date how much inventory we had at hand to be able to estimate how much longer the inventory will last and when it’s time to order more.

The issue with just looking at the inventory or the “Quantity by location report” is that it will only tell me for the current day.

The report “Inventory Quantity movement” would work very well for us if it showed all items (even items where there was no movement) as I copy this information into our excel sheet monthly to calculate how long the stock still lasts on average, when it’s time to order etc.

It would be great if Manager would tell you an estimate of how long your stock lasts using production orders and sales to calculate average usage.

Am I missing something or is my best bet to export and save this information on set dates and just hope I don’t miss a date? :slight_smile: Perhaps I’m just stuck in my old ways and there are much better ways to get an full overview of all our raw materials and packaging to avoid disruptions?


You are not missing anything. Manager’s inventory accounting functions do not include prediction capabilities. The program only records transactions.

However, there are some things you can do when managing inventory:

  • Use the Inventory Quantity Movement report on a regular basis, but for several time periods. For example, producing reports for both the past month and past year every month would allow you to compare recent use to historical use. Exporting both reports to different spreadsheets, then using some creative searching/sorting/filtering in the spreadsheets before combining them would allow you to put all this information into one place and apply whatever predictive algorithms you want to use.
  • Drill down on the quantity on hand or quantity owned balance (depending on whether you are using delivery notes and goods receipts) to see balances day by day for individual items. Exporting this data would allow you to graph or analyze trends in more detail. Of course, this can only be done one item at a time.
  • Drill down on an item’s balance in the Sales Invoice Totals by Item report to see sales history. Export this data for analysis, not only of quantity patterns, but also to help determine (based on sales value) which items are worth keeping in stock versus which should only be ordered from suppliers when needed to fulfill orders from customers.

Thank you for your suggestions!

This would be so much easier if I could choose to see items with no movement as well as I would then just sort it by code and copy and paste everything into the excel sheet that estimates current stock (in months) and how much to order. We have 370 items in inventory with finished goods and raw materials so it’s a bit time consuming to go through.

i too support the option to see items with no movement in this report,
it can be added a check box in the report like it is done with 0 quantity values

one check box to hide items with no movement or left unchecked it will show the items
@Tut do you agree that this is worthy to put into ideas hopefully @lubos will implement this option

I changed the subject and put this into the ideas category.

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Thanks @Tut much appreciated, hopefully we can see it implemented soon

Thinking about this, I don’t think we need the option at all.

Consider Inventory Value Movement report which already shows all inventory items even if they have no movement. The reason is so the total at the end of the report for opening and closing balances match the balance sheet.

I think Inventory Quantity Movement report should be consistent. In other words if Inventory Value Movement report shows inventory item, Inventory Quantity Movement should show it too.

The latest version (19.5.41) implements this now.


thank you @lubos much appreciated, now in the closing balance of this report we can view qty at hand at any given date.

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Thank you