Option to enter Total Taxable Amt for an item instead of item rate

Instead of having to enter the item quantity and item rate, there should be another option to enter the item quantity and total taxable value . The program would then calculate the item rate…

ur question isn’t clear. the seller needs to set the price of individual items and then software will calculate price and tax. ur query isn’t justified.
it will be better if u explain ur point here

The question is quite clear, you may purchase items on an individual buy price but sell in bulk (job lot) which doesn’t relate to an individual sell price, so the ability to enter total quantity and total value would eliminate the need of doing the manual calculation to obtain an individual sell price which may run to many decimal places.

As to the option, I don’t see it occurring as it would be quite a structural change to the current format.

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well u can anytime edit the predeefined sales price while creating invoice. whatever u asking is giving a option to offer lump sum amount for total number of goods. but its not a good practice in accounting.