Opening balance conflicting with reconcillation


having some troubles lately with reconciliation. previously my account was reconciling every month and i have gone ahead to do our last completed month. but now its sending me right back to the beginning… the opening balance. it just not reconciling anymore even though all data is correct. is this a bug?
i originally transferred over to manager in January 2014 taking all closing balances and entered them into the opening balances of the bank accounts in manager. now the balance/opening balance etc are all still correct however when I go to reconcile, manager says there is an issue in January 2013 with opening balance $0. My guess is the program is trying to figure out the steps between this $0 is has come up with for January 2013 and the figure i entered as the opening balance for January 2014, and since there is no data in there for the whole of 2013 well… its not reconciling/conflicting?


So your start date on Manager was 01 January 2014 right? Can you go to Settings and make sure your Start date is set to 01 January 2014?


That seems to have done the trick!