One Company with Two Trading Names - Quotes and Invoices

I have one company with two trading names. I would like to be able to quote using the correct logo / website details relevant to the business name generating the quote. I cannot see an option to do this. I am happy with tracking codes for expenses and profits, but having two “brands” doesn’t seem to be possible?

For invoices yes, because you can have multiple “view” templates.

See: Guides | Manager

For quotes not yet, because View Templates don’t support them. It should be supported by end of this month though.

That’s an awful lot of work to simply have a different company name and logo.
Is there going to be a settings option for this sort of thing?

If not, you will at least need to provide some sort of primer to using this that would allow anyone to do this. I don’t believe that I’m the only one operating two trading names in one business.

But how do you create two templates with two different logos when the Business Logo setting only allows for one logo?

Also where can I find help on customising invoices? - the link in your Mar 5 reply doesn’t work.