One company with two business names and logos

Being a newby, I’m not sure if I understand the forum or Manager properly.

My small husband and wife P/L company runs two business names, which invoice separately with their own logos but otherwise share the same office address and bank accounts, credit cards, tax returns etc.

Can Manager let me have two invoice templates with different logos attached to the one account (the Business Logos setting seems to only allow for one logo)?

This question has been asked before but the response of “see Guides | Manager” leads me just to the Manager home page. There is no ‘miscellaneous/customising-invoices’.

I’d really appreciate some help.


Tim Mac 10.6.8

Hi @gizfillum,

You cannot use the logo field for two companies since there is only one per created (manager) business.

What you can do is create two different invoice templates and embed different base64 encoded image per invoice in your HTML, thus creating two different logos/companies as it were.

Have a look here and here

Good luck.

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Woohoo! Not exactly intuitive but it worked. Many thanks.

@gizfillum, could you give me any pointers on how you got this to work. All I end up with is a box with no image and a question mark. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks