Feature request: more than one logo

Use case: our business, “A, Inc.”, has a D/B/A name “B Services”. There is only one legal and accounting entity (“A, Inc.”), but a certain segment of our clientele knows us by the name “B Services”. It would be nice to be able to upload two logos and be able to choose which of them to display on each invoice.

For our use case, the ideal way for the UI to work would be for the logo to be set for each customer. That way, when an invoice is created for a certain customer, the appropriate logo is shown without having to manually choose it on each invoice.

The “Business Logo” page should probably allow the user to specify which logo is the default, so it can be used when creating invoices when no customer is specified.

Maybe this feature request is something that should be integrated into this change:

Each invoice template could have its own logo associated with it.

I agree, it’s not just a logo but the whole template. Business details might be different to accompany each logo. I want to implement support for multiple invoice templates next month anyway so this functionality is coming.

I was wondering if its possible to have different logo for each invoice template. I know how to make different template for each invoice but not with different logo.

You can use http://webcodertools.com/imagetobase64converter which will convert your image (logo) into inline HTML markup. Then paste this markup into your invoice template. This way you can have different logo per invoice template.


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