One bank account for multiple organizations?

Is it possible to use one bank account for multiple organizations, and if so, will their transactions synchronize seamlessly?

There is no capability for Manager to use the same bank account for two businesses.

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That required identifying which transactions apply to which organisation and what is the current balance for each organisation. As that information is not in the account, both of these functions would need to be manual tasks. So not impossible but it involves a lot of manual entry (or repeated classification of the same bank import in multiple Manager business).

Of course the normal way of doing this is having a physical bank account for each business and using the correct bank account when each transaction is done for each organisation. The physical bank will then keep a record of which transactions apply to each organisation and the running balance for you.

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Another option that MIGHT work for you is to use a single entity (Manager file) and then set divisions to manage ‘each organisations’ operations.


Although it may seem simple operating one bank account for multiple businesses this may not be allowed by law and / or your bank. Most banks only allow you to associate one account for one business while allow you to have one bank account for two separate businesses. In such case the businesses need to be connected - typically, by the same field and under the same name. Some banks allow the creation of Envelopes or Sub-accounts and you could use these to import and export the bank statements for each business in Manager.

In all cases you need to check if it is legal under your laws to operate multiple businesses under one bank account, as such consult an Accountant.

If not true legal seperate businesses then use @Paul_Andersen’s advise and use Divisions in one business in Manager.


Could you please clarify, what do you mean by “Divisions”? “Chart of Accounts”?

Those questions and many others are answered in the Guides.

@vasialalko this is a good starting point Create and manage divisions | Manager