Unit labels not available for non-inventory items

unable to mention the “unit” in sales invoice, delivery note etc… please add one more colounm as shown below.

When a unit has been entered in the definition of an inventory item, it shows on relevant forms:

If all items shown have the same unit, that unit will be substituted for “Qty” as the column heading:

My screen shots are taken from a sales invoice in my example company. I don’t know what you used to cobble together your illustration.

The unit designation itself must be entered under Inventory Items:

Units do not display for non-inventory items unless an invoice is for a single item, in which case the Qty column is given the unit type name. In the examples below, UHS is a non-inventory item with a unit type of “month”, and dd is an inventory item.

My business is service related and 99% of my invoiced items are non-inventory. Not having the unit type displayed on invoices is an inconvenience.

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You are right, @Bazza338. This should work the same way as inventory items. Half the code seems to be there. The portion missing is the code that adds units to individual line items when they are different and leaves the Qty heading untouched. I will elevate this as a bug.

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Fixed in the latest version (17.1.90)