Old P/L Statement report now showing $0

I created an accrual-basis Profit and Loss Statement for the year 2015 in a prior version of Manager. When I ran the report on January 1 under the then-current version of Manager, the report contained data and showed a positive net income for the year.

Now, a month later, when I try to run the same report under Manager ver. 16.1.72 by clicking the View button next to the saved report on the Reports > Profit and Loss Statement page, the report comes up empty except for a 0 profit:

If I re-create a new report from scratch using identical parameters (01/01/2015 - 12/31/2015, accrual basis), I get a good report with real numbers that match the PDF file I exported on January 1:

What’s going on here? Why is the saved report showing $0 income, and why is a newly created report different to a saved report with the same parameters?

(Oddly, the Cash basis version of the P/L Statement that I created at the same time still works fine, with the same numbers as it showed when run on January 1.)

That’s very strange. I can’t explain that. If you could send me your accounting file to lubos@manager.io I’m happy to examine the issue further.

@jon, have you tried resetting the Summary period so it shows 2015 only? What happens then? Are there income account balances you can drill down into?

I looked at my saved reports for 2015. Same date range as yours, same accrual basis. While I bypassed version 16.1.72, I have 16.1.73. The saved report is identical to the one I printed to close the year. So I am definitely not seeing your problem.

One thing to note is that when an account shows zero balance, it will not appear on the P&L. The question is why Manager believes the balances for those income accounts are zero when it clearly retains the transactions involved (or it couldn’t generate a new, correct report).