P&L Vs Trial Balance Report - Cannot understand difference

I just taking a P&L Report (comparative) and found that for a period, the numbers were blank. I therefore took the TB for the same period and found that it had information. Can someone explain why?


is there a start date problem?

I’m sorry Joe, did not understand.

Started all data as of January 1, 2018. I just wanted to know the sales figures for June, July & August. Took a look at the P&L to get the break up and saw that it was all zero. I therefore took a look at the TB and noticed that there was data in there … and, indeed there is, so I’m confused. As seen in the first and 3rd picture, the dates I have given are the same.

Click on the blue hyphens in the 30-June-18 column of your P&L. Does anything come up, or does it say Empty?

Also, on your TB, click on the credit figures to drill down. Examine the transactions contributing to each balance to see if there is anything unusual. Post a screen shot of the Edit screen for one of the transactions that is reflected on the TB but not the P&L.

Finally, try creating another P&L report with the same parameters. Reports are not actually saved with all their data. All that is saved are the parameters defining a report. The actual reports are recreated from scratch every time you view them. So there is a possibility there is a data corruption in the report definition. If a new report behaves properly, just delete the original P&L report.

One additional thought: what does your Summary page show if you adjust the date range to show only June?

@Paparazzi Not sure how this can be possible because both Trial Balance and Profit & Loss Statement are taking figures from the same source and must be the same by definition. Any chance you could send me backup file to lubos@manager.io?

Thank you @Tut @lubos.

As suggested by Tut, I deleted all reports and re-created it again and now it appears OK. Not sure why it happened. @lubos I could send you the backup file if you want.

And sorry about the delay … had a 5 day break for Eid.

Yeah, you can still send me a backup file. It makes no sense to me.