Not showing expenses in profit and loss statement when using accrual basis

We use manager to show expenses and incomes for our non profit organization (multiple house-owners in one building)
We have uploaded bankstatements from multiple years. In the year 2015 multiple expenses are not shown in the balance sheet profit and loss statement when using accrual basis. Using cash based expenses are shown.
In the years before 2015 and the current year (2016) this problem won’t occur.
I can not find any differences in how I located the expenses.

It would be very helpful if we know what to check or what to change in settings.

While I understand the general thrust of your points, it would assist if specific expenses (just one) were noted in better detail so the flow of the transaction could better understood.

(A) You stated that in 2015 multiple expenses are not shown in BS/P&L using accrual basis.
(B) Then you state that cash based expenses are shown in the years before 2015.

So (A) talks about 2015 and (B) talks before 2015
But what about the 2015 expenses mentioned in (A), did they show up in 2015 under cash basis ?

If you can, some screenshots would assist.

I don’t understand why the expenses from 2015 are not shown in accrual basis. As the expenses have been categorized in the same way.
Most incomes are coming from customer invoices (each apartment is a customer)

Both screenshots are Accrual Basis, should one be Cash Basis.

On the surface it looks as though no expenses have been posted for 2015 where the dashes are as there are 2015 income figures above.

Can you show a screen shot of a transaction that should be showing under 2015 expenses

Are the expenses showing up in cash basis P&L as there is no screen shot of cash basis, just two of accrual basis.

At the moment I can’t tell if its a P&L Report problem or a data problem, so can you try this?
Go to Summary tab - Set Period and change it to match below.

Then does the Summary tab - P&L Statement have the missing figures or does it match the report column above

Brucanna thank you so much for your help.
I’ve found my error. I’ve made a mistake with adding the start and end date for the P&L sheet.

That’s good, Tot ziens